We cover both ends of the talent spectrum...

The QualiFind Group is unique in that we offer talent acquisition solutions at both the professional / technical level as well as senior management and executive leadership.

We bring years of professional & technical recruitment experience in the following areas of practice with a localized focus on the US, Mexico and Latin America:

Agribusiness / Agriscience / Food Processing / FMCG

Industrial / Manufacturing / Maquiladora / Offshore Manufacturing

Information Technology / Digital & Broadcast Media

Professional Services / Trade & Regulatory Compliance

We operate a separate retained executive search practice - ExeQfind that serves the need for senior management to executive-level search.  ExeQfind has distinctly separate leadership than that of The QualiFind Group.

Our ExeQfind search consultants deliver middle management to executive-level talent in the following industry sectors:  

Agribusiness / Agriscience / Food Processing / Consumer Products / FMCG

Industrial / Manufacturing / Maquiladora / Offshore Manufacturing

Professional Services / NGO's / Not-for-Profit

Our executive search team

Our ExeQfind search consultants focus on delivering leadership talent that are stand-outs within the industry sectors they lead.  Securing high performing leaders requires experience, reputation and relationships - all of which are hallmarks of an ExeQfind search consultant. You don't need us to find the mediocre, average and mundane.

Great leaders require talent that know how and when to execute.  Our professional recruiters are in a unique position to collaborate with our executive search team to leverage collective market intelligence and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.  This collaborative element helps provide greater precision in delivering managers and individual contributors that drive long-term performance, growth and innovation.  Getting the right people within the professional and technical level of talent is one of the greatest challenges businesses face today. 

Our executive search specialists with our clients

Our recruiters and consultants don't operate in a silo.  We often work and collaborate in such projects as organizational turnarounds, topgrading and startups where the need for talent is at both ends of the spectrum.  As a boutique search firm, The QualiFind Group is uniquely positioned to offer a more wholistic approach to talent acquisition while retaining the flexibility our boutique size allows.

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