On-Demand Business Transformation

Success in business is tied to sound business practices.

Implementation of sound business practices requires empowered and experienced talent.

High performance organizations follow a common thread in the way they operate as well as how they are led and managed.  They consistently follow a structured operating standard backed by engaged leadership and a motivated and supportive work force.

engaged leadership

Operational Excellence (OpEx) provides a platform to perform at the highest level when all contributors interface through a clear system that continuously increases value to customers.  Properly applied OpEx principles enable people to work with effective practices, to relentlessly optimize and simplify processes and to consistently review the value brought to the purpose so it can actively adjust to sustain and grow.

In our more than two decades of experience, we have the case studies and success stories that can attest to these traits and values.  Every situation is different and no solution identical and nothing replaces talent and expertise.  The QualiFind Group has supported business transformation engagements through direct hire, interim placements and Lean consultants to take organizational performance to the next level.

We have experience supporting business transformation and related interim and direct hire talent acquisition in the Agribusiness, Healthcare, Industrial and Professional Services.

Can your business or organization benefit from a more robust operating system?  Do any of the following questions resonate with your current situation and industry sector?


on-site training



great teamwork


If you can answer "yes" to these and other relevant questions, then contact Ed Bojorquez at ebojorquez@qualifindgroup.com or 619.661.2585 to schedule a free initial consultation and get on the path towards learning what an effective operating system can do for your organization.