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Yucatan is looking to join the automotive industry

Karla Salinas | 23.09.2016

There are local businessmen already working in these projects

The Deputy General Director of the Mexican Automobile Dealer Association (AMDA), Guillermo Rosales Zarate, underscored that Yucatan has a bright future to become a regional hub of development for the auto parts sector, since it has infrastructure, human resources, connectivity and transportation to earn a place as one of the major suppliers to cater to the national and foreign industry. 

Rosales Zarate disclosed that there are local businessmen already working in these projects, with all the potential to develop the auto parts industry from Yucatan, satisfying both the national and the foreign demand. 

He stated that Puerto Progreso will be a great ally to develop this industry in Yucatan, due to its location and its proximity to the East Coast of the U.S.