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Volkswagen de Mexico Signs an Agreement for Renewable Energy Supply

Admin | 13.09.2013

Volkswagen de Mexico Signs an Agreement for Renewable Energy Supply, learn more about it here. Follow The Qualified Group Insights section for more articles.

Volkswagen de Mexico entered an agreement with Mexico Power Group for the annual supply of 290 GWh of renewable energy, which will be generated in an Aeolian park being built at La Bufa, Zacatecas.

This park will have a total installed capacity of 180 megawatts, of which 130 will be meant to guarantee energy supply to Volkswagen plants.

The agreement was signed at the State of Zacatecas by the representatives of both companies, Mr. John Prock, Chief Executive Officer, Mexico Power Group and Mr. Andreas Hinrichs, Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen de Mexico, with Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Minister of Energy, and Zacatecas Governor Miguel Alonso Reyes as witnesses.

When he spoke, Mr. Andreas Hinrichs stressed the fact that this agreement ratifies Volkswagen de Mexico’s commitment to the environment, which is evidenced not only by the development and manufacturing of more fuel-efficient automobiles and engines, but also by the implementation of production processes increasingly environment friendly.

The annual consumption of 290 GWh of clean energy, generated from renewable sources, will cover as of September 2014 60% of total electric power required by Volkswagen de Mexico’s two factories, located in Puebla and Silao.

This initiative is part of Volkswagen’s Think Blue.Factory strategy, which purpose is reducing the environmental footprint of all of Volkswagen plants around the world.

In addition to energy savings and reducing the CO2 generated in their production processes. Think Blue.Factory aims to reduce 25% of water consumption, emissions to the atmosphere and industrial residues by 2018, as compared to 2010 indicators.

Parallel to these initiatives meant to generate environment friendly production processes, Volkswagen de Mexico successfully maintains other projects which purpose is preserving the natural environment in Mexico.