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Tijuana’s Maquiladora Industry, second place nationally

Admin | 22.12.2011

The Maquiladora Industry of Tijuana is currently competing nationally with Ciudad Juarez in terms of employment generation,  ranking in second place with 158 000 below the 170 000 generated per year in Chihuahua.  This was announced in an interview by the president of the Maquiladora Industry Association (AIM), Yael Lomeli Pierce.

Lomelí explained that according to statements concerning the functioning of national industries, which were exhibited at the convention held last October in the city of Guanajuato, some aspects were evaluated to position each industry at a national level.

According to the progress during 2011, the Maquiladora Industry in Baja California was ranked as the second largest in Mexico, only behind of Ciudad Juarez, in terms of jobs created, due to the investments that have come to the city.

In this regard, Lomelí reported that the turn was mainly aerospace, automotive and medical,  sectors that achieved a position in the state, same that for its upswing have left and important economic spill in the region.

“Even though is Baja California the one that currently has more maquiladoras at a national level, with 600, it’s below the jobs generated by Juarez,” she added.

She also stressed the importance of the convention to determine “where we are going, what issues do we have and how can we encourage to determine how we will go next year, because there are economic factors that affect us.”

Source: AIM