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Tijuana, leader in maquiladora industry.

Admin | 17.11.2011

In the 38th celebration of the Convención Nacional del Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora y Manufacturera de Exportación (CNIMME), Tijuana was recognized as a leading city in the draft, for being the first source of employments.

At this annual event, Tijuana’s manufacturing industry was catalogued as one of the most outstanding, since it generates more than the half of the employments in the city, said the Asociacion de la Industria Maquiladora (AIM) in Tijuana.

The maquiladora industry constitutes one of the principal economic sectors of our country, as it was indicated, due to its generation of employments, legal and fiscal fulfillment, transfer of technology, world trends of manufacture, human resources, putting the city at the forefront.

It was informed through a press release that the convention held in Guanajuato, it’s already a representative event of the maquiladora industry and the manufacturing of exportation in the country, where the main leaders of the public and private sector met.

The president of AIM, Norma Yael Lomeli Pierce, who's  also the vice-president of CNIMME went to represent the city in said annual convention.

Conferences, workshops and diverse work meetings between representatives of the maquiladora industry in the country, are the activities that take place inside the convention, with the aim to know the current situation, trends and expectations of our sector.

Source: AIM