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Tijuana Becomes a Bright Spot for Investment at Farnborough International Airshow 2012

Admin | 24.07.2012

The Delegation included the State of Baja California lead by the Minister of Economic Development, Alejandro Mungaray, the Head of the Department of Economic Development of Tijuana (SEDETI), Miguel Velasco and José López, and the Tijuana EDC Delegation headed by its Chairman David Mayagoitia, as well as by its VP of Business Development Enrique Esparza, Tomas Sibaja Executive President of the Aerospace Cluster of Baja California, Elias Laniado and Alejandra Portugal. Additionally the Delegation included the Mayor of Mexicali, Francisco Perez Tejada and officials of the Mexicali Industrial Development Commission.

Tijuana EDC successfully promoted the competitive advantages of the aerospace industry and investment opportunities in the city as well as established connections with aerospace consultants and company representatives.

The delegation attended over 40 meetings with potential investors, international trade organizations, and aerospace companies already established in the city such as Lockheed Martin, Tyco, Parker Zodiac, Esterline and Spirit. Companies representatives were invited by the Baja California Aerospace Cluster to the 3rd edition of the Aerospace Forum which will be held in Mexicali Baja California on November 14, 2012.

As a result of the promotional efforts, two global companies are considering Tijuana as a viable option for new investments. Additionally ADS (Advancing UK Aerospace, Defense, and Security Industries) confirmed a trade mission to Tijuana in October 2012 in which 10 companies will visit leading aerospace companies established in the region and learn more about their bi-national operation strategy.

In the framework of the event, PROMEXICO (Mexico´s Federal Promotion Agency) released the document “Baja California Aerospace Industry Road Map,” a comprehensive analysis that names Baja California as the state with the largest concentration of aerospace companies in Mexico. It also provides insights of the industry’s competitive advantages, strategic milestones, and human talent availability in the fields of Engineering and Technicians.

The information presented attracted the attention of suppliers and OEM’s that are searching for solutions to offset the challenges they have in meeting their increasing demand. During the show Boeing announced orders and commitments for 396 airplanes, valued at around $37 billion, more than double Airbus' performance of $16.9 billion orders and commitments for a total of 115 aircraft. (link Bloomberg). Both firms could face delivery challenges due to supply chain disruptions (vulnerability on their supply chains) and already started dealing with aerospace talent shortage in Europe and US.

Tijuana caught the companies’ attention due to its availability of engineering graduates and technicians with the qualifications needed by the aerospace industry; and a strong linkage between academia and local aerospace companies to develop tailored education programs that meet the industry´s specific needs such as the Aerospace Precision Machining Center.

Over 10.000 students enrolled each year in higher and technical education institutions providing the aerospace industry with skilled engineers and technicians. Four universities offer Aerospace engineering programs such as Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics and Electro Mechanics. In the technical field there are associate and technical degrees in Manufacturing of Harnesses and Electrical System for Airplanes, Aeronautical Technician, Aviation Electronics Technitian, Mechatronics as well as areas of specialization like Machining, Tooling, Maintenance of Electronic Systems and Electromechanics.

Additionally for management and executive level positions, CETYS University an institution certified by WASC(Western Association of Schools and Colleges) offers Masters in Aerospace Engineering and Supply Chain Management.

Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com