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The best places for investment in 2012

Admin | 07.05.2012

Aguascalientes, Baja California, Sonora and Tamaulipas are among the most attractive states to investors, according to the article “the best states to invest in 2012” that appears in the second half of April’s edition of Expansion magazine.

This year, the magazine’s report shows how a good location is the current factor of greater weight in the decision of investors, surpassing other factors such as insecurity and indebtedness of the states.

Aguascalientes, Baja California, Sonora and Tamaulipas received between 2011 and 2012 the four major state investments, which together totaled 3,400 millions of dollars.

The four investments come from four major companies: Nissan (Ags), Samsung Electronics (BC), Grupo México (Son) and Posco (Tamps).

According to the magazine, in addition to the geographical position, these entities proved to have other necessary qualities to attract and retain capital: skilled labor, logistic facilities for exports and/ or a low rate of labor disputes.

Aguascalientes had the largest sum: 2,000 million dollars. Said investment, the most important one that Nissan has made in the country, will go towards the construction of the third national manufacturing complex and the second in the state of Japanese automaker.

Following, in order of relevance, is Baja California. With 800 million dollars, Samsung Electronics plant in Tijuana became the largest one of company, and in the world, in production of television sets and high tech screens.

During 2012, Samsung Tijuana Park will produce over 13.6 million units. Meanwhile, Grupo Mexico spent 300 million dollars on the construction of the power generation plant ‘La Caridad’, in Sonora.

The Korean steel company, Posco, invested the same amount in order to build its second plant in Tamaulipas.

The best ‘prospects’

Given that “there is no mathematical formula for investment” and the fact that a number of factors are involved in the decision, stresses Expansión, this year presents two charts showing the safety and health of public finances of the states as the items that are most considered by companies.

When making investment decisions, says the publication, corporate consider administrative efficiency and revenue, as well as spending in public works, since it affects the agility of procedures and the amount of operating costs.

In that sense, the four states that spent a greater percentage of their income in public works are: Tamaulipas 49%, Durango 32%, Queretaro 32% and Oaxaca with 30%.

On the other hand, the violence ranking, which affects the operation of enterprises and productivity of employees, was divided into three sections: moderate violence, medium, serious and severe

Yucatan, with an insecurity index of 1.4, was considered the safest state, followed by Queretaro with 4.8 and Baja California Sur with 11.7.

Source: CNNExpansion