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Success Beyond the Maquila

Admin | 26.08.2013

We would like to share a former placement’s recent success as inspiration for maquila managers everywhere.  Many managers within the maquiladora industry get comfortable and stop acquiring new experience and training which results in professional stagnation.  Others operate with little awareness of how and why things happen within the larger multinational organization they are employed by.  Management experience in the maquila industry by its very nature serves as an opportunity to gain experience working within a multicultural operating environment.  This experience is growing increasingly valuable in the global talent market.   The video and story below serve as an example of someone who has utilized their experience in the maquila industry to achieve success outside of it.

Check out the video below before reading further…

[embed width="620" height="400"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP6N5RIeOZU[/embed]

We salute George Walther-Meade for being named an SAIC Hero by his employer – Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).  One of our recruiters placed George in a supply chain management role in a Tijuana maquiladora more than a decade ago.

When we placed George as a Materials Manager, we were aware that we were doing so on behalf of a company with exceptionally high standards.   The CEO of this particular client required that anyone entering his company in a management role must possess an MBA.  And he was very discriminating about what MBA programs he found to be acceptable.  In George’s case, he possessed an MBA from the University of San Diego and in the case of this CEO, USD and UCSD were the only acceptable San Diego schools to meet with his discerning standards.

Many of our clients are multinational organizations with operations throughout Mexico, Latin America and the world and hiring managers within these companies are increasingly seeking candidates that possess a more global mindset.  George’s career is a solid example of how experience within a maquiladora operation can serve to be a foundation for developing a more global mindset.  Experience beyond the confines of a maquila can be leveraged to enhance professional growth almost anywhere in the developed world.  In George’s case, he has dual citizenship in both the US and Mexico, is completely fluent in both English and Spanish and has had experience from the plant floor to the corporate boardroom.

During his role with our client, George was able to demonstrate his ability to work on either side of the US – Mexico border and be effective in either cultural operating environment.  Today, he travels to countries all over the world from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and of course – Mexico to support the technology needed to ensure national security.

Placing people that have talent, experience and the drive to be successful are just one of the many rewarding aspects of our work at MaquilaFind.  We believe George’s success can serve to inspire others to realize that opportunities exist well beyond the department, business unit or plant that they currently work in.

We wish George Walther-Meade continued success and may his success serve to inspire others to greater achievement as well.