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San Luis Potosi Goes for Logistics and Automotive Cluster in 2014

Admin | 12.06.2013

San Luis Potosi Goes for Logistics and Automotive Cluster in 2014, learn more about it here. Follow The Qualified Group Insights section for more articles.

Thanks to connection of several transportation means with communication ways and the location of several companies from the logistics and automotive sectors, San Luis Potosi Government, the private sector and the academia have undertaken the challenge of an Automotive Cluster and a Logistics Cluster, both of them expected to be ready by 2014.

Fernando Macias, State Minister of Economic Development, said that both projects will have full support from the Ministry of the Economy, the academia and the industry, which will all be members of a Council.

The government is setting the foundations for the project’s development, but when it is working it will be managed by a Board of Directors, including businessmen from the logistics sector, while the State Administration will have a position among the directors.

Companies such as Kansas City Southern de Mexico, Estafeta, FedEx, UPS and DHL are expected to be part of the Logistics Cluster, in addition to big logistics companies devoted to grains and metals transportation and storage.

Among the advantages for the Logistics Cluster in San Luis Potosi, he spoke about connection with Highway 57, the spinal chord of Mexico’s highways system, and Highway 80, which joins the Pacific Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Fernando Macias said that works started last March for both the Logistics Cluster and the Automotive Cluster, and further informed that there are over 105 companies for the latter.

The companies are already in the region and the purpose is organizing them so that they take advantage of existing supply chains, in addition to creating synergies and working in a more competitive way.