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Renault forecasting vehicles production in Mexico

Karla Salinas | 27.03.2014

Renault Mexico is studying the possibility of producing vehicles in the country in the near future, although the project is not confirmed yet nor the potential date to do it, said the Chairman of the firm, Charles Clausse.

“For now, all the hypothesis are being considerated, but there’s nothing confirmed yet”, responded when asked if the vehicles production would be trough Nissan operations or from a new plant.

Charles Clausse emphasized the importance of Mexico to their brand as part of their internationalization strategy, after having more than 50% of Renault vehicles commercialized outside Europe during 2013.

This means that the strategy is working, where Latin America overall had a relevant function, and Mexico is the second market most important of the region, after Brazil.

By second year in a row, Renault Mexico boost the initiative of the most important collector clubs of the country to introduce the fifth edition of Renault Freres.