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Plans to link suppliers between BC and EU

Admin | 28.11.2011

Businessmen of Tijuana and San Diego are promoting that companies should make use of local and regional supplying as a way of stimulating the development of this binational zone, reported the director of Economic Development and Industrial of Tijuana AC (DEITAC), Flavio Olivieri.

The leader commented that the potential that both cities have in the industrial area, as a region, must go hand in hand with a push to the provision, every time that DEITAC’s estimation, along with San Diego Chamber of Commerce, is that the demand of companies ascends to 13,000 million dollars annually.

Hence, for large companies to raise awareness about the importance of sustaining local SMEs supplying and improve border trade, these economic development agencies conducted a second edition of the “Conference of North American Competitiveness”, at the University of San Diego.

“These works will mark the importance of regional cooperation in the growth”, was affirmed.

San Diego’s companies, mainly maquiladoras, are in high demand on components and services outside their area, and it turns out suitable to know the offer available that Baja California counts with.

Part of the goal of these actions, underscored the Director of DEITAC, is to generate major business opportunities with California, since both have common vocations, such as the aerospace, automotive and electronic industry.

Other niches of opportunity that the industry has detected with California, is the furniture sector, added Alejandro Salinas Diez, president of the Canacintra Tijuana, because U.S. companies have realized that the quality and cost of the logistics of Asian products is not profitable.

According to the leader, to be supplied by Mexican companies rather than Chinese, represents to the big companies a saving of 30% or more.

Medical industry, with a plan between hands

A project that is very close to consolidate in this regard, said Juan Manuel Hernandez, president of Coparmex Tijuana, has to do with cleanroom services and sterilization for the medical products industry.

The employer noted that this offer consists in bringing together those SME’s that provide specialized services and support them so they can increase their capacity or prepare them, this way, the large manufacturing plants will avoid the need to send their products to sterilize at the U.S,  to bring them back again to Tijuana.

Advanced Mediclear has already shown its intention of opening a sterilizing plant in Tijuana, with high technology in the field and with the intention of initiating operations in the first quarter of 2012.

Source: El Economista