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Nissan and General Motors Will Produce a Cargo Vehicle in Mexico

Admin | 17.05.2013

Nissan and General Motors Will Produce a Cargo Vehicle in Mexico, learn more about it here. Follow The Qualified Group Insights section for more articles.

General Motors and Nissan announced today the execution of an agreement to produce a small cargo vehicle, to be manufactured by Nissan in Mexico and sold by GM in the United States and Canada.

The model will be known as Chevrolet City Express; it will be based on Nissan NV200 platform and will be available for sale in the fall of 2014. It will be assembled in Cuernavaca, Morelos and distributed through Chevrolet’s dealers network.

“Our fleet customers have asked for a vehicle to enter into the small commercial trucks segment, and therefore this addition to Chevrolet’s portfolio will reinforce our position among fleet and commercial customers”, Ed Peper, US VP – Fleet & Commercial Sales with General Motors, said in a press release.

Joe Castelli, Vice-president, Nissan Commercial Vehicles and Fleet, added: “Working with partners to expand markets by integrating our innovating products drives Nissan’s growth and manufacturing efficiency, taking advantage of our capacity to meet customers’ demand in this segment”.