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Mexico may reach record automobiles production in 2013

Admin | 13.12.2012

Vehicles production in Mexico could hit a new record of at least 3 million vehicles next year, based on strong exports to the United States, even if the “fiscal cliff” in our neighbor country could complicate this goal, a top officer from the sector said last Monday.

Eduardo Solis, Chairman of the Mexican Automotive Industry Association, Asociacion Mexicana de la Industria Automotriz (AMIA), said that producing 3 million vehicles would be a milestone for Mexico and that production could even reach 3.15 million in 2013.

Automobiles and trucks assembly in the first 11 months of this year reached a record of 2.7 million units, AMIA informed last week. The figure is higher than total production in 2011, namely 2.56 million automobiles and trucks.

Solis said that external factors could affect the production goal, such as the series of tax increases and expense cuts considered at the United States for next year, unless Washington reaches a budget agreement.