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Mexico Attracts Multinational Companies

Admin | 31.05.2013

Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is headed to an important leap this year and in coming years, after a steep drop in 2012, as multinational companies take advantage of fiscal and commercial advantages offered by Mexico. Companies based in the United States would be benefited from funds injected, even if not necessarily the companies that are investing.

Mexico’s Ministry of the Economy disclosed last week their preliminary FDI computation for the first quarter, which almost reached US$5 billion and posted 14% increase over even term the previous year. This is the best quarterly result since 2007. The Ministry also revised upwards the figures for 2012, which were below expectations, to leave them close to US$13.4 billion.

From FDI received by Mexico in the first quarter, 49% came from the USA, while Germany held a distant second position, being the origin of 12% of investments. Around 65% of FDI was made in the manufacturing sector, according to the Ministry of the Economy.