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Manufacturing performance improves in Mexico

Admin | 05.01.2012

Mexico’s manufacturing indicator stood in December at it highest level in nine months, supported by an improvement in the activity of their participation in the United States, said a group of influential financiers.

The manufacturing index of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF) placed last month in 53.2 points in numbers fitted by seasonal variation, on 52.1 points of the previous month, touching it’s highest level since March of 2011.

“The development of the U.S. economy has improved in recent months, particularly in manufacturing, directly related to the Mexican economy”, IMEF said in its monthly report.  

The permanence of the index above the 50 points in the last five months indicates that its development in the long run is of expansion. Mexican manufacturing moves to the same beat as the U.S., its main business partner.

In regards to IMEF’s non-manufacturing index- which measures the activity in retails and services- the indicator was located at 53.6 points in December fitted by seasonal variation, overcoming 53.4 points of the previous month.

“These results mean a rebound in the manufacturing activities, and points to a dynamic close of 2011, while on the other hand, in the trade and services field they simply confirm the trend already observed in previous months, of strengthening in this area”, IMEF concluded.

Source: CNNExpansión