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Japanese investments will arrive to Queretaro

Karla Salinas | 14.03.2016

This represents an injection of $50 million and the creation of 550 jobs.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU) informed that two Japanese investments have been concretized for the State of Queretaro, as well as an expansion of a plant, representing an injection of US$50 million and the creation of 550 jobs. 

Marco del Prete Tercero, Head of SEDESU, said that these firms belong to the automotive sector and will be located in the Municipalities of El Marques and San Juan del Rio; while, the expansion will be carried on in the capital city of Queretaro. 

In addition, Mr. del Prete pointed out that there are 9 potential projects, of which 7 are related with the automotive industry and two other with the aeronautics. 

These two projects would be arriving between 2017 and 2018.