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Jalisco surpasses FDI goal by the end of the year

Karla Salinas | 21.12.2016

Contributing 8.3% of the total foreign investment in the country.

Despite recording a 26% downfall closing the third trimester of the year, the FDI Jalisco captured during this period surpasses the goal established for all of 2016. 

The goal set for this year was at $1 billion, but the State had already captured $1.63 billion as of last September. 

“This data ranks us the third State with the largest FDI amount in Mexico, contributing 8.3% of the total foreign investment in the country and the most attractive State for investors in the Central-Occident region”, affirms the head of SEDECO, Jose Palacios Jimenez. 

He underscored that the cumulative investment for the last three and a half years totals $8.6 billion, an amount superior to the record for the same period under the two prior administrations. 

On the other hand, he stated that Jalisco captured during this year an add-up of 36 investment projects, out of which 23 correspond to new enterprises while 13 are expansions of companies already installed in the State. These projects created 6,981 new jobs.