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Jalisco captures $378 million in private investment

Karla Salinas | 15.09.2016

$378 million during the first year of the current administration

The Municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, in Jalisco, is about to reach a record private investment rates, valued at $378 million during the first year of the current administration, mainly in the industrial sector. 

Alberto Uribe Camacho, Municipal President, said that 178% of the investment goal for three years, has been captured just during his first year in office, after generating different strategies, primarily to support the industry. 

98% out of the total investment was contributed by the industrial and services sectors, and 2% was contributed by the home construction sector. 

As part of the new housing policy, the Municipal Government of Tlajomulco announced last June, a modification to the usage of land in 800 hectares that were exclusive for residential use, but now will be given industrial and commercial uses.