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Italy, ready to invest $2 billion in México

Karla Salinas | 26.04.2016

Some Italian companies are willing to invest in Mexico's energy sector.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Italy's Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, asserted that some Italian companies are willing to invest in Mexico's energy sector. 

Nearly US$2 billion are expected to arrive in 2016-2017, plus another US$600 million additional investment prospected by Pirelly, stated Peña Nieto. Likewise, direct flight services Italy-México with the company Alitalia, are set up to open this upcoming June to improve connectivity, tourism, business exchange and entrepreneurial relations between both countries. 

Several instances for cooperation were revised as well, including support systems for small and medium size companies. 

The Prime Minister also recognized the presence of Italian investors, such as Pirelli, in the state of León, with over US$1 billion invested. 

The Mexican Government has pointed out that renewable energies, the automotive and auto part industry and the sea-goods and alcoholic beverage sectors, present Italy with good areas of opportunity (to expand their business).