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Inspiring Freedom of Ideas & Innovation in the Workplace

Carlos Acosta | 14.07.2021

A culture of creativity and innovation in the workplace directly contributes to business success. By giving employees the freedom to cultivate and find creative solutions to their daily tasks or business problems, they become more productive, motivated, and inspired.

However, as good as it sounds, establishing a culture of innovation remains a challenge for many companies. As the Corporate Innovation Imperative reports, 57% of the companies surveyed have identified this as their main challenge.

Recruiters within The QualiFind Group have a wealth of experience derived from more than two decades of supporting our client’s need for talent. We have seen organizations at their best and at their worst. Building workplace culture takes time and it starts with each team and with HR and manager stakeholders playing a big role.

Here are eight ways we would like to share with you that can inspire freedom of ideas, creativity and innovation in your workplace.

Create A Diverse Team

There are many reasons why having a diverse workforce is important to business. Within the context of creativity and innovation, having a diverse team gives you a plethora of ideas coming from people with different backgrounds and experiences.

With a diverse team, you’re able to get different perspectives and insights, giving your team an opportunity to find ideas and solutions that haven’t been done before. This becomes possible with Management and HR Recruitment working together to find the kind of diverse talent that can positively impact the business.

Allow Flexibility and Freedom in How Work Is Completed

Micromanaging employees is the exact opposite of inspiring freedom and innovation. Micromanagement takes away their freedom to get things done in a way that works best for them. As managers, being flexible with how tasks are accomplished enables employees to play to their strengths and flourish in their roles.

Minimizing micromanagement gives your employees ample space to operate in and, when faced with challenges, it’s an opportunity for them to find solutions on their own. It encourages them to be resourceful and creative, which helps them become better at what they do.

Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

A diverse team composed of great individuals will be more successful with teamwork and collaboration. By coming together, employees can share their skills and talents, and achieve more together than they could have been by themselves.

Individually, your employees have their own different talents and skillsets. They may be good at one or several things, but by allowing them to collaborate and work together, they can complement each other’s skills, share and cultivate more ideas, and find new ways of doing things.

Know How to Delegate

Delegation is a skill required of managers but is something that not all managers have. Delegation is important for two reasons: it is an opportunity for employees to stretch their skills, and it builds trust.

More than just reducing your own workload, delegating tasks tests an employee’s capability to take on new roles. It empowers employees because it gives them bigger responsibilities that can significantly impact business results. It allows them to be more invested in the business, making them stakeholders instead of followers.

It is also one way to build trust because when managers delegate work to their employees, it goes to show that they trust them enough to get the job done. This can make employees feel that they are an important part of the team and boost their confidence and motivation, which can inspire new ideas and solutions.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Having an open communication line lets ideas flow freely. Employees are not afraid to suggest doing things differently, especially if it will make them more productive and efficient in their work. Managers who shut down ideas and only keep to their own suggestions limit creativity and can make the workplace feel authoritarian.

To foster open communication, managers should listen to employees’ concerns, feedback, ideas, and suggestions. This makes them feel supported and appreciated, creating an inclusive environment where new ideas and innovation are welcomed.

Ask Questions

Even when open communication is encouraged, some employees may still find it difficult to be open or share what they feel or think. When managers ask the right questions, they can coach employees to find solutions on their own and build their confidence. This enables employees to feel more comfortable moving forward.

When doing this, remember to ask open-ended questions and avoid questions that can be answered with a “Yes” or “No”. Ask insightful questions to encourage self-reflection and evaluation of the problem. This gives them the space to work out solutions using their own insight and skills.

Recognize and Implement Good Ideas

Having a free flow of innovative ideas will remain abstract and useless until they are put into action. Without action, employees will lose interest in offering ideas and will stop entirely, halting any future innovations from happening.

As managers, you can prevent this from happening by recognizing and implementing good ideas. Seeing new ideas come to life and improve work processes energizes employees and inspires them to seek continuous improvement in their work.

Support Vacation Time

Everyone needs time-off from the workplace. For employees, this is the time to focus on the important things in life that transcend work, reduce stress, and refresh their minds and bodies. It may sound counterintuitive, but by fully supporting vacation time, managers enable their employees to be better at their jobs.

Vacations have several benefits, which include having a positive impact on an employee’s health, wellness, and motivation. When employees are healthy and motivated, it is easier to generate new ideas as opposed to when they are burned-out and highly stressed.

Empowered employees who are innovative, inspired, motivated, and have the freedom to create and put ideas into action are the best that companies can ask for. Their performance can elevate teams and lead directly to business success.

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