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Holland and Mexico Open to Larger Investment Flows

Admin | 06.05.2013

Dutch economy's presence in the Mexican market is growing. Which are Holland's attractions for Mexican businessmen? Coenraad Hendrik Adolph Hogewoning, the Netherlands Ambassador in Mexico was asked in a chat with the media. The Mexican economy will keep on diversifying based on the 12 treaties entered with 44 countries, representing a 1.2 billion people market. In this context, the Netherlands represent for Mexico a gate of entrance into the European market, which has almost 500 million consumers. Holland offers competitive advantages to companies, due to its ports, logistics, stable democracy, transparent legal systems, investor-friendly tax environment, flexible labor market and very sound education. In addition, it is a digital power; almost every cable crossing the Atlantic reaches Holland, and digital information concentrates there, since Amsterdam has 33% of the world’s databases market. More and more, Mexican companies take advantage of these opportunities, such as America Movil that purchased 29% of KPN shares, a Dutch telephony company; also, Mexichem purchased Wavin, a manufacturer of pipes made of synthetic material. On the other hand, Mexico is exporting a lot, especially manufactured products and may use Holland as a landing platform for the European market.