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Guadalajara wins the venue for the largest multimedia project in America

Admin | 23.01.2012

Guadalajara wins the venue for the largest multimedia project in America, learn more about it here.

Guadalajara won the venue of the audiovisual and technology development project, considered by the federal government as the most important in Latin America, named Digital Creative City, confirmed to CNN Mexico, sources close to the project.

The federal, state and local authorities of the city selected as the main venue, will have to sign the agreement in which they’ll make commitments and responsibilities of each government level that allows formalizing the above mentioned project.

Jalisco’s state capital competed with 11 Mexican cities, finishing as finalists in addition to the winner, Monterrey, Puebla and Tijuana.

Digital Creative City is an idea of ProMexico, a public organism entrusted to promote foreign investments in Mexico, supported by the federal government and technology industry entrepreneurs to develop of impulse to the creative industry, considering that Mexico had growth rates of more than 4% per year in this sector, twice the U.S. and Canada.

The project includes the construction of the first cluster of technology companies in the country devoted to developing, among other products, video games, movies, multimedia and mobile applications.

This development will require an investment of 10, 000 million dollars, according to reports that CNN Mexico had access to.

Besides the industrial corridor, the complex will have space for the construction of movie sets, offices, public spaces and housing developments for 50, 000 inhabitants and 10, 000 industry professionals from media and information technologies.

The companies that the Mexican government wants to attract to this area, are, among others: Time Warner, Viacom, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Corporation and Comcast/ General electric, according to the project.

“It means changing the face of the selected city within five to ten years, that means doubling your chances of development in high technology, investment, employment, education” said a couple of months ago, Santiago Gutierrez Fernandez, national president of the Industry.

Among the requirements that Guadalajara had to fulfill were that they had at least 200 hectares available for the development of the city, have conditions for growth, economic and political stability, according to the state government of Jalisco.

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon, will make an official announcement in the next weeks in the capital of Jalisco, which will provide details of the project, the sources added. The Secretariat of Economy  issued a statement confirming that several cities competed for the project and said that they will soon make the official announcement of the venue.

Jalisco now has three industrial parks specializing in software development: Guadalajara, ciudad Guzman and Chapala.

Why a Digital Creative City?

The media and entertainment industry represents only in Mexico, annual sales bigger that 21,000 billions of pesos (one million 500,000 millions of dollars), exceeded only bye the energetic and military industry, according to the federal government.

According to ProMexico, the Mexican media and entertainment sector had an average annual growth of 4.5 %, during the period 2004-2008, which represented the largest increase in North America; the U.S grew 2.5 % and Canada 2.2 %.

Forecasts for the next few years establish that Mexico will reach an annual growth of 7.2%, with sales above 17,400 millions of dollars at the end of 2013, estimates the federal government.

Source: CNN Mexico