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Green Energy Making Headway

Admin | 20.09.2013

Expectation for Aeolian and Photovoltaic Energy generation are positive for coming years.

According to the Mexican Association of Energy, Asociacion Mexicana de Energia, there are around ten new projects of this kind, meaning investments over US$100 million and at least two of them will be in Jalisco.

“We keep a positive trend on the number of projects underway, both for self-supply and in co-generation”, Jaime de la Rosa, the Association’s chairman, said in an interview.

He added that projects will multiply with the approval of the Energy Reform, which is expected to strengthen the Energy Regulating Commission, Comision Reguladora de Energia (CRE), in addition to providing for greater openness in the sector.

“There is a strong need to make electric power supply more efficient in Mexico and we therefore consider co-generation very positive; in addition, there are some private projects, around three or four, and there should be two or three more for self-supply”, he affirmed.