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admin | 06.10.2011

Studies show that only about 4% of people actually sit down and write out their personal goals. Close to 80% of those people actually meet all are part of those goals. Why? Because writing them down is an act of commitment. It helps them own their goals. Taking the action of writing it down ensures that they’ll think about them more often as they’ve created a “personal contract” with themselves. One effective process of goal setting is to follow the three “C”s. This process includes:
  1. CAPTURE - Sit down in a quiet place and invest some time on this step. Picture the goal waiting for you on the other side of a wide river that has many large boulders sticking out of the water. These rocks represent your stepping stones to your success. Determine clearly just how many stepping stones you will need in order to realistically meet your objective.
Once you have identified the stepping stones, you will need to take each stone one at a time and identify every single task that will be associated with the stepping stone. Make your list as long and as broad as necessary.
  1. COMBINE - Once you've created your list of projects (stepping stones) and associated tasks, you are probably wondering what you've gotten yourself into. Indeed the list is likely to be long. But you've already completed the most difficult part of how to set goal plans. You've created a draft of a Master Action Plan, or M.A.P, down on paper.
Next you need to review all your tasks and see if you can combine some of the tasks in order to leverage your time and get the most out of every hour you invest. The art of combining your tasks will provide you with an emotional boost as you begin to quickly check off each task as it's completed. Soon you'll learn how to set goal plans in a way that is broken down step by step and you'll be making your way across that river to your ultimate goal.
  1. COMMIT - The third "C" is provided here simply as a reminder. As you begin to tackle each project and every single task, you WILL run into barriers. Expect challenges to occur in advance. Try to anticipate these obstacles. Complete a "what if" exercise to help yourself to prepare for things to not always go according to plan.
Commit yourself to conquering your fears and overcoming any obstacle that rears its ugly head. As you face these barriers and overcome each one, you'll grow stronger in your confidence to meet your goals. By using this three-step process, you'll find yourself more consistently meeting your goals. Most people are only able to focus on a limited number of items at one time. Because you now have a "system" for goal setting success, you'll be achieving the results you’re looking for.