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Global Ranking of Universities Offering Best Employability – 2016

Warren R. Carter | 17.11.2016

If recruitment is part of your job description, it’s always good to be aware of how universities are ranking.

If you have responsibility for recruiting across international borders, then the stats uncovered by the UK-based publication Times Higher Education (THE) may be of interest to you.

While holding sheepskin from a top ranking university doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, it doesn’t hurt either. We certainly encourage a deeper review of the rankings because the differences in the lower and mid-tier universities are often not that significant from their higher-ranking counterparts.

THE formed it’s rankings by compiling results from an online survey of 2,500 recruitment managers in 20 countries and a secondary panel of 3,500 international managers from all over the world. As both an executive search consultant and the parent of an aspiring university student, I found the survey to be quite insightful.

Phil Baty, THE rankings editor was quoted as saying, “In a year of huge political upheaval where young students have witnessed Brexit and the unexpected election of Donald Trump as U.S. President, many will seek the relative safety of a university with a strong track record of producing graduates who are valued by large, international graduate employers.”

Six of the top 10 schools on the list are based in the US to include the top 3. However, our interest and that of this blog post is in terms of employability and the top 12 best universities for employment were as follows:

Strictly in terms of ranking “employability”, the following represent the top ten US universities as follows:

Source: Times Higher Education (THE)