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Federal Law of Personal Information in Possession of Individuals

Admin | 16.12.2011

Nowadays, knowing how to use electronic devices is an absolute must for everything that we do on a daily basis, and particularly related to our profession or other specific areas. Likewise, a lot of the activity that we carry out on the Internet or offline, has caused a wide diffusion and distribution of personal information, which includes data such as; name, email address, home address, etc. since said information is provided as a requirement to have access to some services online. This has brought us to the need of having a legislative requirement enforcing a Personal Privacy Protection Law. This law means to provide individuals with a legal tool to enforce their right to protect their personal data. This law shall give the right of power to any individual granting the use of his/her personal information to any company. Any individual may determine who will be able to receive and access to his/her personal data, where the personal data will be stored and for what reason.

In 2010, the awaited Federal Personal Privacy Protection Law was published in the Official Federal Gazette; this legislation shall fill a legal gap as a complete country since in the past only the States of Jalisco, Colima and Morelos had a legislation to protect personal information.

Below you may see a brief understanding of the most relevant provisions set forth in the Personal Privacy Protection Law. Principally there are two main items which pertain to the right to protect one´s Personal Information;

1. The protection of the fundamental right of every individual to protect his/her own person in the context of the processing of his/her personal information.

2. The power to determine who can receive and access his/her information and where it will be stored and for what reason.