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Employee Alignment– The Key to Success

Karina Quiroz | 30.06.2018

Employee alignment with an organization is a predictor of satisfaction, productivity, and overall success. Today, a company's ability to match its employees to the workplace culture can be decisive when it comes to building a sustainable organization.

If you can answer YES to these two questions, then you are likely well aligned in both your current role and choice of employers. Having alignment with your organization’s culture and being positioned to exchange knowledge and inspiration from others are leading drivers of productivity, satisfaction and success. Are you in an organization that respects what you bring and contribute? If not, perhaps you should connect with our recruiters and search consultants on LinkedIn. You can share your resume in confidence with them to gain exposure to potential career opportunities that will allow you to answer YES in the future.

Many people lack an understanding of workplace culture because much of it is based on unspoken behaviors, social patterns and mindsets. Some leaders allow culture to go unmanaged or pass it off to HR where it can become a subordinate concern. Properly managed, culture can help achieve positive change and build sustainable organizations that can thrive under the most challenging conditions. In organizations that lack these elements, the employment brand suffers. When the employment brand is blemished, the ability to attract key talent is negatively impacted. How is your organization positioned to recruit the best and brightest? We can assist your organization with strategies to improve your ability to attract and retain the best people.

The QualiFind Group is North America’s leading boutique search firm specializing in diversity recruitment and supporting the talent needs of multinational organizations operating in the Americas. We understand workplace culture and the concept of collaborating with others. In the photo above, our partner Carlos Acosta is participating in a team building exercise in Prague with our partners in Ireland, Chile, and Sweden. Our global alliance is made stronger through regular regional and global meetings where we engage in real and simulated exercises to enhance our collaborative relationships. They are FUN, INSPIRING and we LEARN from these ongoing interactions and our clients and candidates benefit.

At #31 on the Forbes 2018 List of the Best Executive Recruiting Firms, The QualiFind Group is North America’s highest ranked firm for diversity recruitment and in serving multinational organizations operating in both the US and Mexico.