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Career Transitions in a VUCA World

Giancarlo Acosta | 02.04.2020

Listen to our webcast as we share our insights for gaining Vision, Understanding, Clarity & Adaptability (VUCA) in this new reality.

The QualiFind Group is proudly sponsoring our first in a series of webcasts to share our insights with anyone considering a job search or career transition.  The webcast is available at no cost to the general public and is scheduled for Friday April 3rd at 1:30pm EST / 10:30am PST.

The webcast will address:

- VUCA World - Our New Reality
- Today's Job Market - Where to from here?
- The Hidden Job Market 
- How to Leverage Recruiting Firms as a Resource
- Developing An Action Plan
- Live collaborative Q&A Session

To register at NO COST, please forward your name, email, and phone number to Giancarlo Acosta at:  gacosta@qualifindgroup.com


Carlos Acosta / Senior Managing Partner / The QualiFind Group

Javier Iglesias / Managing Director / The ExeQfind Group

Warren Carter / Senior Managing Partner / The ExeQfind Group