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Baja Continues to Lead Mexico in Aerospace

Admin | 26.06.2013

The Mexican State of Baja California has maintained its leadership position for the last four decades with the largest concentration of aerospace companies in Mexico.

The Mexican State of Baja California has maintained its leadership position for the last four decades with the largest concentration of aerospace companies in Mexico.

Tomas Sibaja, President of Baja California's Aerospace Cluster announced that the Mexican state of Baja California leads all other Mexican states in all metrics to include: business volume, value, product diversification, maturity, number of companies, innovation and technology transfer initiatives.  Baja California has more than 60 aerospace companies employing more than 16,000 direct employees and Mexico's largest concentration of M&A activity.

Furthermore, the State Government of Baja California confirmed that in 2013 the aerospace industry generated more than $300 million dollars of direct foreign investment through the consolidation of M&A deals and expansion plans of existing companies participating at Le Bourget. This wave of certainty will generate at the end of the year more than 2,500 new direct jobs in this industry alone and an additional 1.5 million square feet of production floor.  Companies such as Esterline, Hutchinson, Zodiac, Meggitt, TE Connectivity, CST Kavlico, Suntron, GKN, Cubic, and UTC among others see a promising future in Mexico and Baja California is the place that have provided them the most competitive advantages over the years.

Why Baja California? "More than a strategic location with a privileged cadre of technical, professionals, and experts in the aerospace field - on both sides of the border - its and attitude" stated Sean Barr from the San Diego Economic Development Council. "This dynamic aerospace region located in the southwestern tip of United States bordering Mexico has maintained a coherent ecosystem with other industries such as medical devices, electronics, and automotive in an inclusive environment thus generating the proper multitasking talent that speaks one language: the global competitive one" he added.

It is no wonder that the first Maquiladora in Baja California - and most likely in the whole Mexico - was established in this land of opportunity Sibaja mentioned. Switch Luz started in 1956 in Tijuana and conveniently enough in the aerospace industry. To this day, this company makes lighting for airplane interiors. Esterline  is another example. A few days ago, on June 14 2013, the new Airbus 350 successful test at Le Bourget included Rolls Royce engines Trent XWB containing mostly Esterline sensors - considered the most efficient in its kind in the world. Alberto Osuna, Plant Manager of Esterline mentioned "These sensors are proudly made in Baja California.  Success stories like this one are part of our performance"

Tomas Sibaja concluded "this year we are celebrating our 4th International Aerospace Forum Baja 2013 - the first of its kind in our country. The Aerospace Cluster of Baja California, celebrates as well its 10th anniversary. One token of trust: we are the only Cluster in Mexico that has received supplier’s development funding from the Mexican Ministry of Economy in support of 30 companies precisely to strengthen the value chain of this important industry in Mexico.