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BAIC to invest $150M in Mexico

Karla Salinas | 17.07.2017

BAIC is a Chinese corporation that supplies to different brands in Mexico, such as Jeep; it has a tradition of assembling and designing vanguard vehicles which are guaranteed under conditions ranging from desert to cold, humid climates.

BAIC Motors has an investment plan for Mexico with a value of up to $150 million to be completed within the next five years, to assemble at least four models.

The Chinese automaker BAIC, presented the third model to be marketed in Mexico. The BJ40 SUV, developed over a Jeep platform and of which the company plans on selling 250 units this year.

With this vehicle, which arrives in a single version of $531,900 pesos, BAIC seeks to strengthen its supply of SUV’s, a segment that last year grew 17.8% in the country, according to the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry.

BAIC arrived in Mexico a year ago with two models: a subcompact and a small SUV. Since then it has sold 400 units, said Jimena Sáenz, head of the BAIC project in Grupo Picacho, the Mexican firm that took over the commercialization of the Chinese automaker units in the country.

Now, the BJ40 "is aimed at a customer that likes adventures, goes camping, rides a motorcycle or a bike," exemplified Sáenz. The off-road SUV has a 2.3 liter engine, leather seats, removable roof and a compass.

Saenz explained that 12 distribution centers have opened so far, but 2017 will close with 22 sales agencies with prospected sales of 2,000 units of the SUV D20 and the sub compact X25 models, as well as the BJ40 SUV and the new SUV X65 and D50 or 60.