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Aviation, new manufacturing opportunity

Admin | 03.01.2012

The industry estimates that in the next five years, 600 new airplanes will be sold and other 10 thousand will need to continue with the preventive or corrective maintenance in its components.

Every plane carries approximately 2.5 million pieces in its manufacture, which means that business opportunities for suppliers are increasing. The Mexican manufacturing companies can venture with input and products into an industry that generates an economic impact estimated in 300 billion dollars.

The growth of the aerospace industry in Mexico brought with it an opportunity to specialize in the aviation industry, making it one of the most important countries in the business, with others like China and the India.

Do not neglect that the executive air transport service, increased last year due to the wave of insecurity that prevails in some roads.  The preventive or corrective maintenance of said airplanes in rent for short distances is another opportunity for the manufacturers and the providing companies.

If we take into consideration the departure of the air industry worldwide in the last years, we can realize the potential of sales that it represents.  The workshops enabled in various airports across the country, provide maintenance service to aircraft, not only for themselves but other domestic and foreign companies too.

Mexico counts with competitive advantages, such as the quality in its workforce, an emerging professionalization of human resources and the most important, its proximity to the US. This industry has gotten a strong impulse for the last ten years, which is why Mexican companies have access to these economies of scale. Now, national companies are challenged to join this exports and sales dynamic that record an exponential growth year after year, as well as creating new employment opportunities.

 Source: CNNExpansión