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Audi fosters auto parts manufacturers’ growth in Tlaxcala

Admin | 02.09.2013

Audi’s decision to build an assembly plant in Puebla is good news for the 30 auto parts manufacturers established in Tlaxcala, who expect to join the assembler’s chain and supply and see their production and sales grow.

The auto parts manufactured in Tlaxcala include stick shifts, seats, sunroof panels, sleeves for handbrakes and stick shifts, trays, air channels, plastic clamps, head and arm rests for seats, ashtrays, harnesses and dashboards. Also, some components inside vehicles are lined with leather there.

Audi Plant is being built in San Jose Chiapa in Puebla, adjoining Tlaxcala. “Our proximity to the new complex makes the State of Tlaxcala attractive for suppliers of this big assembler”, a spokesperson declared.

As of 2016, Audi will produce in Puebla the next generation of their Audi Q5 model; the new plant is expected to have an annual production of up to 150,000 vehicles, according to information provided by the company.

In the meanwhile, Tlaxcala Government is organizing promotion activities and business encounters to boost the automotive chain of supply at the State. In October, for example, Tlaxcala Automotive Forum 2013 will be held, gathering 12 trucks manufacturers —Continental, Daimler and Dina among them—, which are looking for products and services suppliers.