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Attracting Top Healthcare Talent Post-COVID-19

Colin Campbell | 29.06.2021

The pandemic has greatly changed the healthcare ecosystem, and among the chief concerns are workforce management and recruitment. In a recent study, healthcare is identified as one of the key hiring sectors in 2021 and beyond, right alongside manufacturing and technology.

The pandemic has greatly changed the healthcare ecosystem, and among the chief concerns are workforce management and recruitment. In a recent study, healthcare is identified as one of the key hiring sectors in 2021 and beyond, right alongside manufacturing and technology.

With pandemic restrictions slowly being lifted worldwide, as well as the continuing implementation of vaccines, what does this mean for hiring managers? How do you attract top talent in a post-COVID-19 world?

Healthcare Experiencing Increased Demand for Talent

Recent reports revealed that the demand for healthcare personnel is not just limited to nurses, physicians, orderlies, admin staff, and other medical personnel. Sylvia MacArthur of The ExeQfind Group points out that there is also an increased demand for clinical leaders and healthcare executive roles.

A separate report shows that this demand goes beyond the hospital setting. Other sectors such as retailers, technology, and private equity firms are also seeking physician partners—further increasing the competition.

Hiring for healthcare roles has had its own set of challenges pre-pandemic, and COVID-19 brought about more challenges as we adjust to the new normal: remote work and recruitment, virtual doctor consultations, and shortages of medical personnel, supplies, and services—just to name a few.

With the increasing demand for healthcare positions, organizations looking to hire clinical leaders and other medical professionals should make strategic steps in attracting top talent, with careful consideration of the shifting landscape of the healthcare industry.

Ways to Attract Top Talent in the Healthcare Sector

1. Focus on a holistic benefits package

The pandemic greatly impacted the mental well-being of healthcare workers, which is why concrete plans in supporting the mental health of all employees in the medical field are of utmost importance now more than ever.

Focus on offering a holistic benefits package for candidates, such as:

  • Adequate personal and medical leave
  • Adequate rest days (workforce/scheduling management)
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Wellness and leisure programs
  • Preventative care packages
  • Health and life insurance benefits
  • Retirement packages

2. Emphasize Clinician Safety

Appropriate practices to ensure the safety of medical workers must be communicated at the very start of candidate communication. Hiring managers should be transparent about the organization’s policies regarding clinician safety easing the concerns of applicants, especially when hiring frontline workers.

3. Offer upskilling and ongoing training and support

Digitization of the healthcare experience during the pandemic requires the ongoing need to upskill and maintain the “digital IQ” of health workers. Additionally, COVID-19 has brought to the foreground just how dynamic and constantly evolving the medical field is.

Offering ongoing training and support not only ensures that patients and clients receive the best quality care, but employee retention is also more likely to be higher. Candidates who see that their potential is not wasted and that their career goals are well-supported are more inclined to stay.

4. Broaden your talent pool

With the increasing adoption of virtual healthcare, medical organizations are now more capable of casting a wider net when attracting more talent. Broaden and diversify your talent pool by posting your employment ads outside of usual recruitment sites—leverage social media, partner with other organizations, etc.

Additionally, offer a comprehensive relocation assistance package. Shortage of labor supply is among the long-standing challenges in the healthcare sector, and the pandemic has all the more underscored the value of hiring a broad range of health workers across borders and from around the globe. Relocation assistance should also include plans to ensure the safety of the candidates as they travel, as well as good housing options. 

Finding the Best Talent for Your Organization

The healthcare sector is at the cusp of huge changes as we slowly ease into a post-pandemic society. Some countries are further along than others, but broader indicators point to things going in the right direction. Our recruiters in the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Brazil are experiencing increased demand but at very different levels and specializations. This is expected to continue globally as countries move beyond the pandemic.

Locating and attracting highly qualified candidates for both entry- and intermediate-level healthcare roles, as well as for clinical leadership positions, can be a complex and time-consuming process. Professional recruiters like those within The QualiFind Group can be a valuable resource for those technical and specialist roles while our executive search consultants in The ExeQfind Group can support key needs at the leadership level.

Our team has been in the professional headhunting and recruitment industry for more than two decades, and we have extensive experience in hiring talent for the healthcare sector.

Let The QualiFind Group help you find the best talent for your organization by getting in touch with us at https://www.qualifindgroup.com/en/contact/. Whether you are searching for nurses, physicians, medical staff, or clinician leaders, we have the right resources to make your next hire your best hire.