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Asian and European Delegations Visited Tijuana to Further Economic Integration

Admin | 21.05.2012

 Mexico’s economic growth and financial stability has attracted the interest of elite industrialized countries for investment; on May Tijuana received two delegations from Europe and Japan, interested in business opportunities to supply Tijuana's manufacturing base.

Representatives of the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC) visited Tijuana to learn about the sector's gowth in the City and establish relationships with industry leaders. Tijuana EDC, the Baja California Aerospace Cluster in coordination with Federal, State and Municipal authorities hosted the delegation comprised of seven firms from Japan including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sumitomo Precision Products, Shin-Maywa Industries, Sumitomo Corporation, Hitachi Metals and the International Aircraft Development Fund.

The 2 day trade mission focused on business opportunities where the delegation learned about Tijuana’s competitive manufacturing platform comprised of over 570 companies and 150.000 employees (24 companies and 6,2000 workers in aerospace), working on sectors such as medical devices, aerospace, electronics and automotive. In addition the firms’ representatives received information about supply chain opportunities within local industry clusters as well as the engineering capabilities by local universities.

The same day a delegation of commercial and political representatives from the Embassies of European Union countries based in Mexico City, visited Tijuana, to learn about business opportunities available in the Tijuana-San Diego Binational Mega-region. The delegation was integrated by four representatives of the European Union and 16 ministers of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK, France and Denmark.

The European Delegation was hosted by the State Government of Baja California, and together with the Tijuana EDC provided the opportunity to establish relationships with local industry leaders. One of the primary interest of the European delegation was on understanding the business climate and the integration with the California market. The EDC highlighted the market potential to supply the local industrial base that imports annually over 17 billion dollars in supplies and materials.

“We are Mexico's prime destination for manufacturing,” said David Mayagoitia President of the Tijuana EDC, during his presentation. “Our access to U.S. market, and the NAFTA positions our city as the place to be for companies that seek to reach the US and European markets.”

Source: prweb.com