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America's Most Respected Search Firms

George Walther-Meade | 01.05.2018

Guess who made Forbes magazine's 2018 list of the Top 250 Executive Search & Recruiting Firms?

There are literally thousands of executive search and recruitment firms in the United States.  Some are generalists while others practice in specific functional or industry verticals or are regional in their approach to their markets.  

So, among these thousands of firms, who are the best and most respected at their craft?  Forbes magazine answers that question.  Forbes started by categorizing the overall list and dividing them into two groups.  Executive search firms were defined as those companies that place senior managers and executives in positions with at least $100,000 in annual compensation.  Professional recruiting firms were those that place employees in positions with less than $100,000 in annual income.  (Due to the significantly larger market size, the population of professional recruiting firms is double that of executive search firms.)

Forbes then partnered with analytics firm Statista to survey more than 20,000 HR leaders, employer hiring managers, fellow search firms and candidates to determine which firms they had the highest respect for.

The survey asked the 20,000+ survey participants to name up to 10 firms that they considered to be the best and most respected (without naming themselves) and the results have just been released in Forbes 2018 List of the Top 250 Executive Search Firms and separately, the Top 250 Professional Recruiting Firms.  

The QualiFind Group is proud to have been ranked #31 on the list.  At #31, we are the highest ranked firm with key expertise serving multinational organizations with business or industrial operations in both the US and Mexico.  It also makes us one of the highest ranked firms on the list with experience serving client organizations in the agribusiness/ agriscience sectors in North America and Latin America.

The QualiFind Group's professional and technical recruiters also garnered the highest ranking among the professional recruitment firm list which are actively serving client organizations with a corporate presence in the Americas, EMEA or APAC and a business or industrial presence in Mexico (aka maquiladoras). 

Additionally, we take great pride in sharing the list with our five US partner firms in IRC Global Executive Search Partners.  Having all of our member firms ranked in the Top 250 is a further testament that The QualiFind Group is in good company with our fellow member firms in IRC Global Executive Search Partners!