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Agribusiness/Science & Food Processing Search Practice Expanded

Karina Quiroz | 08.11.2018

Agribusiness/Science & Food Processing Search Practice Expanded, learn more about it here. Follow The Qualified Group Insights section for more articles.

The QualiFind Group and our executive search practice - ExeQfind is collaborating with our global colleagues in IRC to expand and add depth to IRC's Global Agribusiness & Agriscience Practice Group. The newly expanded practice group was formally announced at IRC's global conference in Lima, Peru in response to increased demand for both specialist and executive leadership talent globally.  The practice group was expanded by five new search consultants in the Americas, APAC and EMEA.

Patrick Westerburger (IRC Netherlands) will be the Global Practice Leader of the newly expanded team. Warren Carter (IRC USA & Mexico) will be the Americas Practice Leader, Monicca Yan (IRC China & Singapore) has become the new Asia Pacific Practice Leader, and Marco Alemagna (IRC Italy) will continue in his role as EMEA Practice Leader.

Amsterdam-based Patrick Westerburger, Global Practice Leader, is leading the exciting developments within this rapidly growing practice. "We leverage our global footprint to better serve our clients in a more responsive manner. The agricultural sector is facing many challenges that require search expertise that has depth and is positioned to provide talent-driven solutions. The sector is under constant innovation and disruption to meet the growing demand for sustainably produced, healthy and affordable food." 

Warren Carter, Americas Practice Leader stated, "The ag precision and technology sector is providing exciting solutions that promise greater efficiencies and competitive advantages. Clients are increasingly demanding talent that understand and embrace tech-driven solutions and our global partners in IRC expand our reach, relationships, cultural insights and benchmarking capabilities exponentially."

IRC's new Asia Pacific Practice Leader Monicca Yan based in Singapore, concludes: "I am honored to be appointed the APAC Practice Leader for the Agribusiness and Agriscience sector. I have participated in developing this sector in the Asia Pacific region for the past six years. We have developed a successful track record and deep knowledge of key segments operating in the region. We are passionate about supporting the vision and mission of our clients. Supporting them in achieving their objectives contribute to enhancing the well-being of mankind."

Above pictured members of the Global Agribusiness & Agriscience Practice Group attending the annual conference in Lima, Peru. Left to right: Marco Alemagna (Italy), Hamilton Teixeira (Brazil), Warren Carter (USA), Monicca Yan (Singapore), Patrick Westerberger (Netherlands), Grace Abella-Zata (Philippines), Malcolm Duncan (Australia) and Escarlata Loncan (Spain).

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