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Creating a Positive Friendship Culture in the Workplace

Carlos Acosta | 03.08.2021

An organization’s culture is the backbone of its identity. It’s the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that define what and who the company is, and how its employees interact with one another. It’s also the blueprint for effective leadership.

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Is Casual Wear in the Workplace the New Normal? Rethinking the Office Dress Code...

Warren Carter | 27.07.2021

Prior to the COVID pandemic, the office dress code has been commonly referred to as “corporate attire” – that is until now. With the majority of working professionals working from home for more than a year, the pandemic has largely changed how workers consider their at-work clothing choices.

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Ten Ways to Encourage Work-Life Balance for Working Parents

Carlos Acosta | 22.07.2021

Balancing work and life responsibilities has been a struggle for the longest time. Add to that the post-pandemic disruptions and you have an imbalance that can seriously impact your business as well as your employee’s wellbeing. Work-life balance has remained a challenge for many employees, as evidenced by data showing 66% of Americans believe they literally have no work-life balance.

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Aligning Employee Benefits with their Shifting Needs

Carlos Acosta | 20.07.2021

The COVID pandemic has brought about both societal and economic shifts that have greatly changed how people approach employment. In a recent survey, 77% of workers consider work benefits as an essential part of their compensation and one of the huge reasons why they would stay for a job.

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Inspiring Freedom of Ideas & Innovation in the Workplace

Carlos Acosta | 14.07.2021

A culture of creativity and innovation in the workplace directly contributes to business success. By giving employees the freedom to cultivate and find creative solutions to their daily tasks or business problems, they become more productive, motivated, and inspired.

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Retaining Top Talent Starts from the Beginning

Carlos Acosta | 06.07.2021

In the recruitment world that we live in, attracting and hiring the best talent is just the first of many challenges. One of the greatest challenges after successful recruiting is retaining employees and keeping them happy with their decision to join your company. Experienced hiring managers know that retention starts during the recruitment process.

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New Recruitment Partners in Latin America!

Giancarlo Acosta | 04.06.2021

inQuest Consultores merges with The QualiFind Group & The ExeQfind Group...

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How HR Professionals Can Reshape the New Future

Carlos Acosta | 26.05.2021

We recently celebrated International Human Resources Day (IHRD) and this year’s theme: Shaping the New Future served to remind me of the crucial role that HR professionals have in the health and well-being of organizations everywhere.

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Fostering a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion in the Professional Hiring Process

Carlos Acosta | 12.05.2021

We’ve come a long way as a society and with that comes more regulations and organizational policies to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality. Does every hiring manager fully understand what these actually mean?

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Spotting and Honing Aspirational Potential

Carlos Acosta | 27.04.2021

As a hiring manager, one of the many crucial decisions to make is whether to hire internally or externally, especially for positions requiring a higher degree of experience or managerial expertise.

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