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Happy Thanksgiving!

Liz Wong | 24.11.2021

We are thankful for the many wonderful and diverse relationships that make our existence possible.

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Red Flags to Watch Out for in Video Interviews

Carlos Acosta | 14.09.2021

Virtual interviews have become a post-pandemic norm in the hiring process but the use of video interviews has actually been increasing (by 49%) since 2011.

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5 Talent Assessment Tips for Hiring Success

Carlos Acosta | 24.08.2021

At its core, the recruitment function is all about hiring the best available talent that both meets the organization’s needs but also fits within its culture.

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Solar Edge to Launch Greenfield in Mexico

Liz Wong | 18.08.2021

The QualiFind Group has been engaged by Solar Edge to support recruitment and talent acquisition for the new greenfield.

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Retaining Top Talent Starts from the Beginning

Carlos Acosta | 06.07.2021

In the recruitment world that we live in, attracting and hiring the best talent is just the first of many challenges. One of the greatest challenges after successful recruiting is retaining employees and keeping them happy with their decision to join your company. Experienced hiring managers know that retention starts during the recruitment process.

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Attracting Top Healthcare Talent Post-COVID-19

Colin Campbell | 29.06.2021

The pandemic has greatly changed the healthcare ecosystem, and among the chief concerns are workforce management and recruitment. In a recent study, healthcare is identified as one of the key hiring sectors in 2021 and beyond, right alongside manufacturing and technology.

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15 Interview Questions to Ask When Assessing Cultural Fit

Carlos Acosta | 18.06.2021

Great hiring managers know that it takes more than just choosing the most experienced and skilled candidates for a successful hire. They know that the best hires are those who not only fit the job description but those who also fit well within the employer’s workplace culture.

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Wordsmithing to Avoid Bias in Your Job Postings

Carlos Acosta | 09.06.2021

In recruitment, first impressions are crucial in attracting top talent. How you phrase and publicize your job postings can mean the difference between recruiting the best hires and / or repelling them.

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New Recruitment Partners in Latin America!

Giancarlo Acosta | 04.06.2021

inQuest Consultores merges with The QualiFind Group & The ExeQfind Group...

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Tips from a Remote Recruiter on Virtually Onboarding & Retaining New Hires With Success

Carlos Acosta | 14.04.2021

Last year’s COVID-19 pandemic has left lasting changes in almost every aspect of our lives. As the threat is reduced due to ongoing vaccination programs, the future for hiring managers seeking key talent has become more optimistic.

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