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BMW Tribute to Retiring Mercedes CEO

Warren Carter | 31.05.2019

BMW produced a touching video commemorating retiring Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche that delivers a respectful and humorous jab at their rival - Mercedes Benz.

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Exploration Leadership: An Astronaut's Perspective

Warren Carter | 05.04.2019

Breaking boundaries to solve complex problems calls for "exploration leadership"...

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Top 20 Executive Search Firms in America

George Walther-Meade | 27.03.2019

We are proud to announce that Forbes magazine has ranked The QualiFind Group in their List of the Top 200 Executive Search Firms in North America.

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New Agribusiness Practice Group Video

George Walther-Meade | 01.03.2019

Warren Carter and his colleagues in our global Agribusiness Practice Group speak to trends impacting talent for the agricultural and food industry.

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Digitization & Talent = Disruptions in the Industrial Sector

George Walther-Meade | 28.02.2019

Carlos Acosta and our Industrial Practice Group partners speak to disruptive trends impacting manufacturing today. Do you have the right people to efficiently manage change?

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Will 2019 & 2020 Be Better for Women?

Warren Carter | 07.01.2019

Female executives and politicians have reason to view their future with renewed optimism. Recent events show a shift towards competence and away from bias.

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IRC 25 Years: Embracing the Future

. | 27.09.2018

IRC Global Executive Search Partners will be celebrating its 25 year anniversary at its Global Conference in Lima, Peru.

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Are You The Smartest Person In The Room?

Warren Carter | 03.07.2018

How do you see yourself contrasted against your peers? Are you learning new things or feeling stagnant?

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North America’s Industrial Talent Map – Where to from here?

Carlos Acosta | 11.06.2018

Vast portions of North America’s talent map are under threat of disruption. Between NAFTA’s pending renegotiation and greater use of automation in manufacturing, talent as we know it is about to change in the world’s largest trading bloc.

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New Partner in Argentina

George Walther-Meade | 15.05.2018

We are excited to announce two new partners in Buenos Aires which expands our LATAM footprint from Mexico to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru!

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