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15 Interview Questions to Ask When Assessing Cultural Fit

Carlos Acosta | 18.06.2021

Great hiring managers know that it takes more than just choosing the most experienced and skilled candidates for a successful hire. They know that the best hires are those who not only fit the job description but those who also fit well within the employer’s workplace culture.

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Wordsmithing to Avoid Bias in Your Job Postings

Carlos Acosta | 09.06.2021

In recruitment, first impressions are crucial in attracting top talent. How you phrase and publicize your job postings can mean the difference between recruiting the best hires and / or repelling them.

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New Recruitment Partners in Latin America!

Giancarlo Acosta | 04.06.2021

inQuest Consultores merges with The QualiFind Group & The ExeQfind Group...

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How HR Professionals Can Reshape the New Future

Carlos Acosta | 26.05.2021

We recently celebrated International Human Resources Day (IHRD) and this year’s theme: Shaping the New Future served to remind me of the crucial role that HR professionals have in the health and well-being of organizations everywhere.

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Fostering a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion in the Professional Hiring Process

Carlos Acosta | 12.05.2021

We’ve come a long way as a society and with that comes more regulations and organizational policies to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality. Does every hiring manager fully understand what these actually mean?

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Ideas for Showing Appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day

Carlos Acosta | 20.04.2021

Administrative professionals’ oil the wheels of every business: from administrative and executive assistants, receptionists, client service specialists, and others. Regardless of the role, they all do the vital work that keeps the wheels of progress efficiently moving forward.

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International Women's Day

Giancarlo Acosta | 04.03.2021

We proudly celebrate women everywhere BUT we're ESPECIALLY PROUD of the strong women that make The QualiFind Group a premier recruiting organization!

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Carlos Acosta named Americas Leader for IRC Search Partners

Giancarlo Acosta | 11.02.2021

Our senior managing partner – Carlos Acosta has been tapped to be the Americas Regional Leader for IRC Global Executive Search Partners.

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The QualiFind Group Adds Brazil Office!

Carlos Acosta | 05.08.2020

After several months of discussions, we are proud to announce that The QualiFind Group now has a new office and recruiting team in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

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The Hot Head

Carlos Acosta | 18.03.2020

Feeling like “walking on egg shells” when counseling because you are trying to avoid a temper tantrum, then you can consider yourself an experienced manager.

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