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Happy Thanksgiving!

Liz Wong | 24.11.2021

We are thankful for the many wonderful and diverse relationships that make our existence possible.

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Fostering Feedback Culture Tips for Cultivating Open Communication at Work

Carlos Acosta | 02.09.2021

One of the pillars of an effective feedback culture is open communication. It is only through open communication that honest, clear, and objective feedback is made possible. The presence of an effective feedback culture allows employees to develop and progress in their careers.

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Creating a Positive Friendship Culture in the Workplace

Carlos Acosta | 03.08.2021

An organization’s culture is the backbone of its identity. It’s the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that define what and who the company is, and how its employees interact with one another. It’s also the blueprint for effective leadership.

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Is Casual Wear in the Workplace the New Normal? Rethinking the Office Dress Code...

Warren Carter | 27.07.2021

Prior to the COVID pandemic, the office dress code has been commonly referred to as “corporate attire” – that is until now. With the majority of working professionals working from home for more than a year, the pandemic has largely changed how workers consider their at-work clothing choices.

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Aligning Employee Benefits with their Shifting Needs

Carlos Acosta | 20.07.2021

The COVID pandemic has brought about both societal and economic shifts that have greatly changed how people approach employment. In a recent survey, 77% of workers consider work benefits as an essential part of their compensation and one of the huge reasons why they would stay for a job.

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Inspiring Freedom of Ideas & Innovation in the Workplace

Carlos Acosta | 14.07.2021

A culture of creativity and innovation in the workplace directly contributes to business success. By giving employees the freedom to cultivate and find creative solutions to their daily tasks or business problems, they become more productive, motivated, and inspired.

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New Recruitment Partners in Latin America!

Giancarlo Acosta | 04.06.2021

inQuest Consultores merges with The QualiFind Group & The ExeQfind Group...

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International Women's Day

Giancarlo Acosta | 04.03.2021

We proudly celebrate women everywhere BUT we're ESPECIALLY PROUD of the strong women that make The QualiFind Group a premier recruiting organization!

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Carlos Acosta named Americas Leader for IRC Search Partners

Giancarlo Acosta | 11.02.2021

Our senior managing partner – Carlos Acosta has been tapped to be the Americas Regional Leader for IRC Global Executive Search Partners.

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The QualiFind Group Adds Brazil Office!

Carlos Acosta | 05.08.2020

After several months of discussions, we are proud to announce that The QualiFind Group now has a new office and recruiting team in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

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