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30 new companies might come to TJ

Admin | 17.01.2012

Taking into account the current economic environment and considering that the economic variables behave the same way as last year, the Secretary for Economic Development of the City Council, Miguel Velasco Bustamante, estimated that about 30 companies might be opened during 2012.

“We expect a similar year as the last one, the economic environment has not changed, but we’re going to continue attracting investments” he said.

Velasco indicated that economy specialists projected an important growth of the Internal Brute Product (PIB), between 3 and 4%, as well as a similar behavior in other economic factors that make believe investments will continue reaching out to the entity.

Based in recently announced numbers by the State government concerning the 45 thousand employments that it pretends to generate in 2012, it estimated that for Tijuana’s case, between 20 and 25 thousand jobs could be generated.

He emphasized that for the first time, the municipal government provided incentives to companies.

“There are conditions for getting support, in the case of new and existing companies, the amount of benefits depends on the activity by the number of employees, the technology and also on the goals of the project, it’s the amount of stimulation you get” he said.

Source: Frontera.info