Professional & Technical Recruitment

Finding professional and technical-level talent capable of driving innovation and long-term performance is one of the greatest challenges to businesses around the world.  

Our recruiters are uniquely qualified to find the talent you need when and where you need it. 

Our practice areas include:

Agribusiness / Agriscience / Organic/Natural Foods / Food Processing 

Consumer Products FMCG / Specialty Retail

Industrial / Manufacturing / Maquiladora / Offshore Manufacturing (Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Devices & Specialty Materials)

Information Technology / Digital & Broadcast Media

Professional Services / Trade & Regulatory Compliance

Within the industrial / manufacturing sector, we have deep expertise in aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and specialty materials.

- Since 1999, we have successfully served the professional talent needs of organizations from every corner of the globe.

- Mexico is the United State's largest trading partner and has grown to be a global hub for both R&D and manufacturing.  Our history, experience and the cultural diversity of our consultants have made The QualiFind Group the leading recruiting organization in this market sector.

- We offer a range of customizable recruiting solutions for hiring at the functional professional and technical level to meet the needs of organizations of most any size and scope operating anywhere in North America.

- Approximately 85% of our professional recruiting engagements come from clients that we have previously recruited for.

- We offer a wholistic approach to the recruitment process gained through acquiring a strong understanding of your organization that results in better representation of your employment brand in the talent market. 

- We measure our performance and offer some of the best KPI's found in the recruiting profession to include Time to Fill ratios below 55 days and long term retention rates for placements.

- Functional expertise includes accounting, engineering, finance, human resources, information technology, logistics, operations, purchasing, quality assurance, regulatory and trade compliance, and supply chain.

- We have extensive expertise in such industry sectors as agribusiness, industrial/manufacturing, information technology, FMCG and professional services.  Within the industrial sector, we have deep expertise in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical devices and speciality materials.