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Study Suggests Employer Expectations On The Rise?

George Walther-Meade | 14.02.2018

A recent study published by Harvard Business School professor Joseph Fuller seems to support some trends The QualiFind Group has observed with clients engaging us for technical recruiting support. Their expectations are on the rise.

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An Interview With Our Founder

Karla Salinas | 20.12.2017

Ever wonder what qualities are required to be a successful headhunter?

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VW Engineering Leader Sentenced to Prison

Karla Salinas | 28.08.2017

The emissions cheating scandal at Volkswagen serves as a reminder to those in the automotive industry that regulatory compliance is a serious issue. Those found culpable at VW are now being sentenced to both prison time and stiff penalties.

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World’s Largest Coverage for Talent

Karla Salinas | 14.06.2017

As members of IRC Global Executive Search Partners we are proud to announce that the IRC alliance has just been named as the world’s largest executive search alliance in terms of geographic coverage.

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New Americas Regional Leader Named

Karla Salinas | 05.05.2017

The QualiFind Group partners Warren Carter and Carlos Acosta recently participated in the Americas Regional Meeting of IRC Global Search Partners in Atlanta, GA.

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Careers, Work and Hiring Are Shifting

Karla Salinas | 15.03.2017

Hudson Global rounded up six of the top workplace and hiring trends for 2017 and we thought a closer look at their findings was in order.

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Exploring Executive Retention With APAC HR Leaders

Karla Salinas | 20.02.2017

The topic of Executive Retention was thoroughly explored during IRC’s Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional Meeting on February 13th in Singapore.

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Latin America’s Top Ranked Universities

Warren R. Carter | 22.11.2016

Being better aware of the region’s education system will make for more informed decisions in the hiring and talent acquisition process.

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Global Ranking of Universities Offering Best Employability – 2016

Warren R. Carter | 17.11.2016

If recruitment is part of your job description, it’s always good to be aware of how universities are ranking.

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Mexico: No Contingency Plan for Trump’s Win

Warren R. Carter | 10.11.2016

Just last week, various news outlets reported that Mexico was working on a ‘contingency plan’

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