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Talent Mapping

The process of talent mapping allows organizations to determine what the existing and available talent is within their own or related market or industry sectors. This provides organizations with an opportunity to assess the pool of talent against what their planned or prospective recruitment needs are.

Our talent mapping process is focused on an organization’s competitors or within specific industries and/or functional roles.

Our research process develops a structural outline of target organizations and then allows us to make discreet contact with the most relevant individuals. This process is not unlike the process we go through when making direct contact during recruiting or executive search engagements. Part of our dialogue with these individuals is focused on gaining a better understanding of their individual circumstances, their experience, career path and what their motivation may be to make a career move.

Our retained executive search process includes talent mapping as part of the engagement. However, we also have the ability to conduct talent mapping engagements entirely independent of a search assignment.

The benefits of engaging a consultant from The QualiFind Group for talent mapping include:

Allows you to develop a clear pipeline of prospective candidates
Assists in gathering intelligence on your competitors or those organizations you’ll be competing against for talent
Market knowledge

We will inform you prior to starting any talent mapping engagement, in the event that a conflict of interest is determined to exist between your organization and an organization that you would want to collect data on.

How Can We Help You?
Leverage our research capabilities to gain competitive intelligence on talent in your market.